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play my ground ?

Let’s hit the ground together !
Play my ground is the app to connect people around THE basketball court.


Find courts with other players around you.
Add your favorite courts around the world


Challenge yourself with our weekly challenge


Create your own match or join one.


See who is on the field

Who are we ?

Behind the project « play my ground » we are 3.
3 people who think that sport should be accessible to all and free!
But also 3 people who are tired of spending hours organizing a match and finally finding themselves alone around the court.
This is how we created « play my ground », a simple application to connect basketball freaks together.

1... 2... 3...Let's have fun !

What will happen
in the future ?

The future is tomorrow and we want to make it better.
With your help and recommendations, we would like to improve your experience on our application.
We already want to crush the future and give everyone the opportunity to play sports for free with complete freedom.
What are we thinking?


keep in touch with your favorite players

Many more

Our ideas are bubbling in our head. And you?

Team tournaments

Create your team and challenge the other teams

We need you !

To give you the best game of your life

We seek to improve your experience at all times!
That’s why we need you !
Do you have a recommendation for us? Crazy ideas for even more fun? or do you just want to thank us?

What are you waiting to help us?


All right reserve to PLAY MY GROUND